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Game Info

Title: Abuse
Genre: Action
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Year: 1994

About the Game

Hero games Nick Vrenna was wrongly convicted and placed in prison, where he performed but inhuman perverted experiments aboard their inmates. The experiment went wrong and all except Nick are infected substance called "abuse" and transformed into creatures and bizarre creatures. It's up to him with an arsenal of weapons to get through the enemies out and stop the expansion of substance.

Already a classic platformer Abuse, which became popular mainly because of its style and atmosphere "vetřelčímu appearance." There you have a basic laser, grenade launchers, napalm and other weapons, and there are plenty of bonuses. The controls were at the time of innovative, keys control movement and move the mouse to indicate the direction of fire.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Abuse old MS-DOS game Abuse old MS-DOS game Abuse old MS-DOS game Abuse old MS-DOS game
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