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Aces of the Pacific

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Game Info

Title: Aces of the Pacific
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Dynamix
Year: 1992

About the Game

Aces of the Pacific is a flight simulator covering the World in the Pacific. There are a large number of virtual pilots of aircraft, from fighters after the bombers. The player can play both sides of the conflict (USA and Japan). Game content is divided into historical missions and entire campaigns.

In the game you can engage with the real aces. At that time contained an unprecedented realistic effects such as weather, jamming weapons, overheating, overloading during eclipses etc. But this can also be disabled. Still, the game arcade flight simulation.

The success of the game gave rise to continued Aces over Europe.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Aces of the Pacific old MS-DOS game Aces of the Pacific old MS-DOS game Aces of the Pacific old MS-DOS game Aces of the Pacific old MS-DOS game
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