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Aces over Europe

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Game Info

Title: Aces over Europe
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc
Year: 1993

About the Game

Aces over Europe's continued flight simulation firm Dynamix, Aces of the Pacific. As the name suggests, this time sitting down into the cockpit of many aircraft of the Second World War fighting over Europe. You can choose between American, British and German aircraft, the Eastern Front is not included. This time only the choice fighters.

Although the base remained the same, the game has improved graphics and artificial intelligence enemies. The game is definitely not easier, realistic effects (weather, jamming weapons, overheating etc.) remain or have been improved. Still, the game remains faithful arkádovějšímu concept. In its time, the game featured a technological peak and was very demanding on your computer.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Aces over Europe old MS-DOS game Aces over Europe old MS-DOS game Aces over Europe old MS-DOS game Aces over Europe old MS-DOS game
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