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Game Info

Title: Aladdin
Genre: Action
Publisher: Walt Disney
Year: 1994

About the Game

Disney's Aladdin is an action arcade game, released by Virgin Interactive year after the successful eponymous film Aladdin. 2D animation and characters in the game are creations of actual Disney animators who worked on the film.

Princess Jasmine was kidnapped by the evil vizier Jafar and it is up to you her skin Aladdin, liberated from his clutches. You must pass a total of 12 levels (Market Agrabah, desert, Roofs Agrabah, Sultan's dungeon, Cave of Wonders, Escape, horse rugs, lamps inside, Sultan's Palace, Jafarovo dwelling and Jafarův Palace) and at the end you have to deal with Jafar, who is actually The only real boss in the game.

In each Level I meet a lot of enemies, which will allow you to deal with the two weapons. The main weapon is the saber, but has a limited range, so some types of enemies pays to use your second weapon, apples, which have a limited number, and if you run out, you have to collect the new level. The most important thing in the game are lives. Once you're running, so you can, for collected diamonds to buy in the store, which is located in most levels. Between levels you have the option to augment the mini game on the slot machine. Where is the opportunity to win, for example, lives, diamonds, apples, or if you're unlucky, nothing.

The music in the game has a lot in common with the film. Everything is customized so that you can play the game, even the smallest, so you will not find even a hint of blood.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Aladdin free MS-DOS game Aladdin free MS-DOS game Aladdin free MS-DOS game Aladdin free MS-DOS game
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