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Game Info

Title: Alcatraz
Genre: Action
Publisher: Infogrames
Year: 1992

About the Game

Alcatraz game builds on the successful action game Hostage: Rescue Misison. In the game assumes the role of one of the two members (Bird, Fist) special units of the US Navy, who must break into Alcatraz island, which is hiding a dangerous drug boss Miguel Tardiez. This is a game for two players (multiplayer cooperative form splitscreenu, the player himself must play two characters), ruled by classical military arsenal (machine gun, grenades, flame thrower, knife ..), you control a martial arts as a ninja is hiding in the shadows . Hrou walking in side view, while in buildings from the game becomes fps (view is changed to the front). The time limit of two hours must pass through three missions (1 barracks examination and obtain a document testifying against drug boss, 2, locating factories and destruction of drugs and cash hidden inside, 3, infiltration residential zone and conviction bosses).

Wallpapers / Screenshots

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