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Alien Breed

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Game Info

Title: Alien Breed
Genre: Action
Publisher: Team 17
Year: 1993

About the Game

Game unofficially based on the film Alien and Aliens license. The player finds himself in the skin of one of the two mariňákov - Johnson and Stone, who are the only people on opustenej Space Station ISRC-fourth Their task is to clean the base from invaders.

Alien Breed is often compared, due to its top-down style similarities and dates the Action games, classic Gauntlet username. The role of the player is to get into the elevator to another level, possibly pre-existing level fling into the air and before even catch a lift. Alien Breed refers know it "easy to play, hard to master" more than any one game. The principle was simple but more complex compositions. The lack of ammunition and excess invaders were not once insurmountable combination. In addition to the search for the keys, the player collected after levels and credits, which are then exchanged in Intex terminals for various enhancements and tools, assisting the potent adversary against him.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Alien Breed free MS-DOS game Alien Breed free MS-DOS game Alien Breed free MS-DOS game Alien Breed free MS-DOS game
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