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Game Info

Title: Alien: Isolation
Genre: Action, Survival Horror
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Creative Assembly
Year: 2014
Platforms: PC

About the Game

Before joining as deck officers on USCSS Nostromo, promised to be on your eleventh birthday back home. He never returned and was growing up without a mother for you, Amanda Ripley, particularly hard. But you have inherited her mother's determination, ambition, stamina and professionally and followed in their footsteps, hoping that maybe one day learn what happened to her fateful year of 2122 happened. Since the disappearance of Nostromo fifteen years have passed and it seems that the moment of truth is far spent. You have been transferred to a remote space station Sevastopol, where it should be flight audio recording from the last trip Nostromo. Upon arrival, strangely faded and seemingly deserted trading station to search quickly degenerates in game hunter and prey, in which respect for life.

Alien: Isolation is a hitherto untried approach to game adaptations of iconic universe. After a series of 3rd and 1st person shooters, where you dispose of waves of aliens came to British filmmakers with minimalist conceived survival horror, planted in between the events of the first and second part of the film. Just you, your dwindling crew and one intruder, after which you never lets go. When you just can not see it does not mean that you do not hear or feel. The story unfolds in a claustrophobic environment cramped station, where it is refined, every square meter of surface, and so have you, and your vicious persecutor have lots of casual shelters and abbreviations. Apart from playing peekaboo often comes to hacking terminals or kraftování aids from found objects.

Company Century Fox makers gave 4 terabytes of archival material from filming Ridley Scott's Alien and Sevastopol station so its exterior architecture and interior furnishings to the last cup matches the artistic visions of the future from the late 70s, which is subordinate to the overall art direction of the game. On your quest, where necessary, can shine a flashlight or exploring the surrounding environment motion tracker. These tools, however you in addition to its inconsiderable contribution can i say. Amanda is not a machine but a human being; For example, not frightened at the necessary moment, hold your breath, and watches her level of sanity is thus one of the key factors for survival.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

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