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Game Info

Title: Alien Legacy
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Year: 1994

About the Game

Alien Legacy is a turn-based strategy similar example Master of Orion.

In the year 2043 was in our solar system discovered an alien spacecraft from the system Alpha Centauri. Attempts to establish contact failed and peace on earth to bear spray of enemy missiles. And while it's ground defense systems at all but one shot down, that one rocket landed inflicted enormous damage. The following were the years of research and new technologies and weapons systems, we were able in the future to alien invasions defend.

In 2119 at the Earth completes construction of huge colony ships and launches into space. One of the ships, specifically Calypso is sent to the Beta Caeli system, which is the furthest system where mankind yet sent their ship. In 2135 the ship Tantalus sent to the same system, to increase the chances of successful colonization. And because it is far better equipped Tantalus engines, has to arrive at their destination about 21 years ago in front of Calypso.

The game begins when Calypso arrive at your destination. The player is the captain of the ship Calypso, who had just awakened from stasis and must repopulate the planet. For tantalum however, there is no trace. 5000 colonists relies on your orders.

In the game you build new bases and space stations, explore and discover new planets, manage raw materials, or explore new technologies.

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