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Title: Alone in the Dark 2
Genre: -
Publisher: -
Year: -

About the Game

The second part of successful 3D action-adventure (Alone in the Dark) have again been responsible for veterans from Infogrames and even stepping next time. Combining action passages, moments of horror and three locations with static cameras creates a great atmosphere as well as its predecessors.

The game takes place on Christmas 1924 and again the hero Edward Carnby private eye investigating the disappearance of a young Grace Saunders (as a player while also playing) with her partner Ted Stryker. Traces of lead in house Hell's Kitchen, belonging to the local mob boss and his gang. Ted is then kidnapped and murdered, and Edward to search the desert on their own.

The main character gradually discovers that instead of investigating and it is dangerous and difficult task awaits him. Must enter into the guarded home and still have to deal not only with armed enemies, but also with the occult magic. Unfortunately, the house is not only a crime scene, and how gradually discovers the horrors of the local background is far more extensive. Hell's Kitchen is the seat of standing on a huge cliff, whose bowels conceal a complex of caves with a pirate ship, which had once failed. Carnby finds that the grand finale will take place here and a little girl's fate depends only on him.

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Alone in the Dark 2 free MS-DOS game Alone in the Dark 2 free MS-DOS game
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