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Alone in the Dark

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Game Info

Title: Alone in the Dark
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Infogrames
Year: 1992

About the Game

Alone in the Dark is the first part of a series of horror action adventure dimensional, which was released in 1992. The game was revolutionary in its time by using polygonal models for the hero / heroine (the choice of the two characters, but the gameplay was not setting has no effect) and some items, as well as the use of static cameras in locations. Gameplay is very similar to the later titles like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, which are grown Alone in the Dark inspire.

The story follows a large house named Derceto, which is referred to as the place haunted. No wonder there recently hanged owner, Jeremy Hartwood. In place comes a private detective Edward Carnby (or Jeremy granddaughter Emily), doors mysteriously closed, and after a while the game starts. In Derceto really scares and to get out, you have to defeat or escape from the many mysterious monster, the zombie to ghosts and spiders. Some enemies can not even kill, you have to figure out how to outsmart or outrun them where.

The game is known for its horror atmosphere and inspire the creation of HP Lovecraft, some of whose books and links to his work (Necronomicon, De Vermis Misteriis) can occur during the game.

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Alone in the Dark free MS-DOS game Alone in the Dark free MS-DOS game Alone in the Dark free MS-DOS game Alone in the Dark free MS-DOS game
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