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Title: Anno Online
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: -
OS: -

About the Game

Strategic series called Anno certainly no need experienced players not long be remembered. The basis of the game Anno Online is of course the world, that particular map, which literally waiting for you to build it on their settlement, which will gradually grow into a very large mansion, to the huge medieval city. Now to the Middle Ages is the story of this game set, like all the previous versions, which were only offline options. The current version, thus Anno Online builds on the popular free-to-play mode, and the possibility of playing in the browser. Logically attracts both players eager for quality free game, so players who want to play for the passage of small amounts of cash to relieve.

Refinement of the game itself is also in broad possibilities of what all can not build and build. Not only perfect graphics but also variants of the buildings, which are more than a hundred, are a guarantee that you will not be disappointed even after long hours of play. In addition, the developers thought of the necessity of planning itself. Just like a real city, and it Anno Online in your own life, which is dependent on their own finances. And around them, everything revolves, which often requires the need for analytical thinking, planning and procedures that will lead to strengthening your position and to the satisfaction of the city's population.

Part of planning, there is need to take care of current production, which can be used for instance to trade with other players who play as well as you play regularly - and around the world. The shops and increase the overall interest and appeal of this game. Add to that the constant discovering or uncovering the maps, but as well as any defending your territory in which your settlers, therefore, are residents of your city. Can you keep him alive and in constant development? Feel free to try it out in this unique strategy with perfect tradition, but an entirely new robe.

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