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Game Info

Title: Arkanoid
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Taito Corporation
Year: 1988

About the Game

The challenge is to move left and right platform, which bounces the ball and hit a wall of colored bricks which disappear after impact. The bricks can fall bonus items (power-ups), which complement the characteristics of platforms - eg. She added lasers which can shoot down the bricks or the ball after hitting the platform and can not reflect a direct drain any direction other Power-Up movement of the ball slows.

Original Breakout (without Power-ups, only increased ball speed) was not too popular, but it was enough to extend the game options, mark the platform for spaceship ball for energy blast and the wall behind the mysterious wall defending the ship's safety on the way to make a game won popularity. Port Breakout on PC in 3D from 2000 contained even a story line.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

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