BasketDudes | PC game | Sports

Game Info

Title: BasketDudes
Genre: Sports
Developer: Bitoon
Year: -
Platforms: PC, MAC

About the Game

Basketball is a popular sport around the world. Play it but do not necessarily only in the gym, as well as well-it can also play on the computer. And precisely because of the game, which bears the name BasketDudes. It primarily attracts quite hilarious graphics, even if it is a game a few years old. But also further inspire its maneuverability, thanks to which there is no problem, even you become the best players in the sport. It offers all BasketDudes title, which is a favorite sport of free-to-play game, and it was worldwide.

Your objective is clear, of course, and build an ideal team with whom you are defeating your opponents. You can go through the single player mode, but because the game BasketDudes players play around the world, is not a problem even multiplayer. That is, of course, much more interesting, and for this reason, that you are playing against real people. They, like you will then participate in a variety of different tournaments, with the purpose of the games is more than clear - to win, and to maximize the score. Of course, everything depends mainly on your technique with the ball and also your ability in how you can score.

What do you BasketDudes game also offers, these are the statistics, allowing you to track your progress, as well as the ability of the players. Because earn special points, but you can also upgrade your players. And it will affect their performance and abilities in the game. Moreover, it is also the possibility with your players, or with special points also trade, allowing your team can acquire necessary finance for new players, or acquire additional positives. Quite simply, BasketDudes definitely not just a regular sports game but a real simulator real sport of basketball and everything connected with it. And yet it is a title that you can play anytime for free.

System Requirements PC

OS: Windows 7
GPU: Video card 3D 256 MB video card
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz
HDD: 110 MB
Network Internet connection

Gameplay Video

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