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Batman Forever

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Game Info

Title: Batman Forever
Genre: Action
Publisher: Acclaim
Year: 1996

About the Game

Batman Forever is the official license of the film by Joel Schumacher 1995, which is also a model of the game. Batman, this time together with Robin, facing another threat. Their opponents are new Two-Face, a former prosecutor, his face disfigured acid and Riddler, or if Riddler. He once worked for Bruce Wayne, until in their scientific research mad and did not take the side of evil. Will the Dark Knight to stop chaos that spreads metropolis Gotham City?

The game is a fighting arcade game in which all the characters are made up of actual digitized actors, but not those who appear in the film. The player in the role of Batman or Robin progresses individual levels against many enemies. Their movements, punches, kicks, flips and combos controls a number of keys. There is against enemies and some nifty batmanovských aids.

The game offers several difficulty levels and modes, including training. The game even includes two types of collaborative arrangements; in each of these two players control one of its heroes and act together against enemies. In one of these modes can attack and against each other.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Batman Forever old MS-DOS game Batman Forever old MS-DOS game Batman Forever old MS-DOS game Batman Forever old MS-DOS game
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