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Batman Returns

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Game Info

Title: Batman Returns
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Spirit of Discovery
Year: 1992

About the Game

Oswald Cobblepot, better known under his name Penguin plans to bring more confusion among the already quite frightened residents of Gotham City, which battered by snow storms. Penguin Army and bizarre gang Red Triangle Circus waiting for his order to take control of the metropolis. Now it's time for Batman, who appears on the scene and chases his opponents after gothamských roofs and dark alleys.

The game is an adventure with action and combat sequences, in which the player only affects the choice of weapons and intensity of Batman's attack. Puzzle confined mostly to scan a variety of subjects and objects in the records of Batman's computer. Batman these must be in the right place when the object appears.

Batman Returns is an adaptation of the successful blockbuster of the same name from 1992 to this year and the following year appeared in different variations, perhaps on all available gaming platforms. PC version is more a matter of adventure game on other platforms is focused more on the action. The game basically ignores the plot and lacks the atmosphere, in conjunction with a short playing time has not been the success of the players what was expected.

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