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Bio Menace

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Game Info

Title: Bio Menace
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Apogee Software
Year: 1993

About the Game

Looks like another peaceful day in Metro City, when the FBI gets the message that in raging giant mutants, causing chaos and destruction. Everything indicates that the instigator of these problems is the dreaded Dr. Mangle. It is therefore sent super secret agent Snake Logan that flew over the city, assess the situation and returned to headquarters to report. Snakov plane is shot down, however, and so it is necessary to break through the mutants to cause all this destruction.

The game consists of three episodes, each with twelve levels. In the first two (Dr. Mangle's Lab and the Secret Lab) is to destroy the doctor's laboratory and the doctor himself. But shortly before his death reveals that all orders made on behalf of someone Master Cain, who threatened him with death if they do not. In the third episode is therefore necessary to get to the very architects of evil and defeat it.

All three episodes are used engine from Commander Keen games from id Software, and it shows at a glance. The game is the same menu system indicators points, splash screens and help. The difference is that Snake has eight units of health, so if it is not at a minimum, not killed as soon as it touches the monsters.

In addition to the basic machine gun with unlimited ammo Snake can use grenades, lay mines, or use special laser. Shot mutants but not the only goal of each level. It is also necessary to free the hostages, which is necessary to find a special key, avoiding traps and collect a lot of points that can be obtained lives.

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