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Blood & Magic

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Game Info

Title: Blood & Magic
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Interplay Productions
Year: 1996

About the Game

Blood & Magic is his own way a little odd real-time strategy game from parts unknown world of Forgotten Realms. Base units therein are called. "Basal Golems", which can be in the form "Bloodforge". Golems collect for you manna to by many players could then create new units and buildings. After your game map are seeded variety called. Mystical places where the player finds it makes certain basics. If around them rozostaví four golems, they can then change to the building, which will later produce specialized units. They are, however, also formed from golems that were built near such places. Initially, however, the player can convert GOLEMS only to the basic unit. Advanced must first invent what it costs "experience" points. Tie acquires destroying opponents, transforming golems, the creation or destruction of buildings, casting spells.

Game has thanks to this system is generally a slower pace than real-time strategy of those times. Due primarily to the system for collecting mana, when it took some time accumulation. If a player wanted mana faster, it had to manually transform the golems. The game consisted of 5 campaigns, each with its own story storyteller.

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