BMW M3 Challenge | PC game | Racing

Game Info

Title: BMW M3 Challenge
Genre: Racing
Publisher: -
Year: -
OS: -

About the Game

BMW M3 Challenge is a racing game, from whose name is probably clear to everyone what kind of car is it goes. And only in the BMW M3. That is a promo game for the launch of a new model. BMW has hired a team to play Blimey !, which consists of a group of "renegades" from SimBin. Thanks to this game runs on their engine GTR games, so it is quite realistic simulator.

As mentioned, the game offers a single car - BMW M3 Coupé and also the only circuit - Nürburgring in two versions. There are several single player modes and multiplayer up to 16 players.

BMW M3 Challenge contains relatively advanced visual aspect, it supports high resolutions and antialiasing. Before running it is also possible to choose between full-screen mode or in a window.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

BMW M3 Challenge Wallpaper 1 BMW M3 Challenge Wallpaper 2 BMW M3 Challenge Wallpaper 3
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