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Game Info

Title: Budokan
Genre: Action
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Year: 1989

About the Game

Budokan is the name of the prestigious tournament, which is regularly held in Tokyo. The player begins as a learning martial arts, which has a choice of four methods of combat and weapons: Karate (fighting using hands and feet), Kendo (wooden sword) nunchakus (two pieces of wood connected with a chain) and Bo (long battle buds). Coaching can be face to face, or with an instructor. Do not miss the local multiplayer - a training match and as may occur two players on one keyboard. After the training session, which is not necessary to attend, it is possible to enter the tournament and attempt to succeed him.

At Budokan itself may also be countered rôznorodým foe. Some of which those using different fighting styles and weapons than the available player. Difficulty increases each win. Before each zápasom is possible to partially pore over his opponent, and on this basis, select the martial art which is most suited to his schopnostiam. Every art, however, can only be used a certain number of times. Behold, therefore, it is advisable to succeed temporize and successfully manage all fighting style.

During matches in the need to pay attention to two basic indicators - Stamina (vital energy) and ki (strike force). Offensive movements ki decrease, while blocking attacks him increases. With each attacks - successful, or failed - stamina decreases and the rate decreases fighter. Thus, only enough bezmyšlienkovite press. More preferably, do not think and do not allow to Stamina, which was gradually added, dropped to zero. When that happens, the game ends.

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