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Game Info

Title: Civilization
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Sid Meier
Year: 1991

About the Game

Civilization is one of the first tensile strategies. Player task is to build the most powerful empire that outlasts all historical epochs. At the beginning you get only a few settlers, load the first city and it is up to you how you develop further. You prefer the military, diplomacy, or decide that the enemies by smashing the rapid technological developments. At the same time, however, you must pay attention to the welfare of its own citizens, and if possible even get them to you with a smile on his face helped build your estate. The game has a very broad scope and everyone in it can find something. Indeed, the prospects of victory are diverse - Warriors certainly will want to crush all computer opponents (if possible with tanks against riders on horseback), peaceful soul may be the first to invent the space program, and for others still remains the possibility of winning score. The graphics for its time very enjoyable. Especially close up view of a growing city with several wonders of the world must please everyone strategist.

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Civilization free MS-DOS game Civilization free MS-DOS game Civilization free MS-DOS game Civilization free MS-DOS game
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