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Game Info

Title: Colonization
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Sid Meier
Year: 1995

About the Game

Colonization is, you might say, a loose sequel to Civilization. Colonization was released shortly after her predecessor, and at first glance are very similar. Upon closer inspection you will find a big difference. The main strength of this game is not time military power but store!

At the beginning you choose one of four colonial powers (England, Spain, France and the Netherlands). Sail with his one barge, one scout and one settler in the New World. There arbitrarily building your colony, grow food, tobacco and other material gain. They are an important trading commodity, which will fill his barge to the roof and head back to his native Europe monetize their goods. When you're in Europe, you can buy some raw materials, which is in the colonies lack a bring your most important "goods" colonists.

Our specialty is taking care of your colony. On the small settlements around the map you see the box, which distributes the colonists who grow corn, cut down trees, etc. On the side surface of the buildings that you have built in your village. Some buildings can also be placed colonists who then from raw materials which you have in storage, manufacture products essential to the functioning of settlements or trade. It is advantageous to use loggers felling and fishermen on fishing, although each settler can handle any job, but a professional can handle it better and always have a greater profit from it.

Of course, that in the new world, you are not alone. You meet with the native Indians, who are sometimes friendly, sometimes weeding your warehouses. You will meet also with other colonial powers, which will impede their development and can lead to war conflict. When you're mature enough, you can try the Declaration of Independence, but in that case, get ready for a tough battle with your home country.

At his age Colonization is a very complex and sophisticated game. When you swallow one, spend with her will for a long time.

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