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Command & Conquer: Red Alert - free pc game download

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Game Info

Title: Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Virgin Interactive Ent.
Year: 1996

About the Game

The year is 1924, Adolf Hitler was released from prison in Landsberg, Germany, meets with Albert Einstein, which makes it destroyed Hitler and Einstein returns back to the fifties, whence he traveled in time using machines Chronosphere prevent World War II. But He created an alternate reality in which the Soviet Union intrepid anyone came to power and occupying China considerably gained momentum, he decided to invade Europe, just erupted alternate World War II and only the United Nations and European allies can prevent the worst.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert is the prequel Command & Conquer and shows an alternate history in which war the Allies against the Soviet Union. Both sides have different units and therefore the strategy, you will control tanks, infantry, artillery, heavy tanks and many others. You will benefit, build factories, power stations, barracks, defensive towers and special weapons of mass destruction and war both in the air and on the water. Graphics is the first Command & Conquer improved, of course, animated and feature sequences completing the story.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Command & Conquer: Red Alert ScreenShot 1 free MS-DOS game Command & Conquer: Red Alert ScreenShot 2 free MS-DOS game Command & Conquer: Red Alert ScreenShot 3 free MS-DOS game Command & Conquer: Red Alert ScreenShot 4 free MS-DOS game
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