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Game Info

Title: Crystal Caves
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Apogee
Year: 1991

About the Game

Walking with Mylem Steamwitzem begins when his rocket heading to the star system Altairian hunting for treasure, which might render it rich. As it often but in the stories, the journey is more dangerous than expected. He gets to the underground world full of alien technology and traps, strange creatures that inhabit protecting valuable crystals. If not careful, you may end up like many of those who visited the cave in front of him.

The game is a platformer in EGA graphics, in which the player collecting crystals and try to avoid pitfalls in the form of enemies and traps environment. It is often necessary to engage brain to solve logic puzzles. Was divided into three episodes and 16 levels, the first of which was free, others only after payment of the registration fee. Each episode has a simple but funny story and graphics. Upon careful examination of the cave tombs, you can also come across a few easter Egg.

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