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Dangerous Dave

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Game Info

Title: Dangerous Dave
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Softdisk inc.
Year: 1990

About the Game

Dangerous Dave is an old platform, which programmed a single person, the legendary John Romero. The first version was released in 1988 for the Apple II platform, and two years later was converted for PC. In the game you control a figure of "Dangerous Dave" with which you gradually go through 10 scary (although due to technical limitations period applies rather "scary" in quotation marks) levels, collect along the way as many points as possible and run away.

Dangerous Dave lived to see the other three sequels, akčněji tuned than the first part and a new engine. They are Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion, Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue and Dave Goes Nutz !.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

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