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Dark Seed II

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Game Info

Title: Dark Seed II
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Cyberdreams
Year: 1995

About the Game

Dark Seed II is the sequel to a very dark, horror film adventure of the old school, which draws on parallels inventiveness influenced by Lovecraft writer and art of HR Giger. The main hero remains Mike Dawson, who was in the previous episode managed to escape from the clutches of an alien race, called the Ancients, who put his head into unknown organism, "dark seed". Due to continuing problems with nightmares embarks on a journey to his hometown for his mother and hopes that you will find help. The story, set in the year after the events of the first part, gaining momentum murder of his friend from highschool, Rita, from which it is charged. Will Mike clear his name? Find the answers to the questions that plagued him? They have his nightmares and Rita's death something in common?

Just as it was in the first episode, and here the story is set in two parallel planes. Every step that is made during the game, resulting in impact and response in a fully interactive city, in its normal form and dark, and vice versa, with a strong emphasis is placed on interviews, puzzles and various puzzles. To increase the difficulty, there is the possibility of immediate demise implemented following the procedure players.

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