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Dinopark Tycoon

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Game Info

Title: Dinopark Tycoon
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: MECC
Year: 1993

About the Game

Dinopark Tycoon is an educational game as building strategy. Its aim is to successfully manage Dinosaur Park. The player starts with fixed by the amount - a loan of $ 5000. Money then used for expansion of the park - the purchase parcels of dinosaurs, fencing, eating and personnel necessary to the operation of the park. Gradually has given a loan to repay, if he fails, it means the closure of the park and end the game. Due to the eventual problem is available and help is in the form of an animated dinosaur. Player in the game you have to cope with the Council of annoyance - as fugitive dinosaurs, ill employees or weaker traffic at certain times of the year.

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