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Game Info

Title: Discworld
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Psygnosis Ltd.
Year: 1995

About the Game

The first of a series of adventure from the world of Discworld is inspired by the book, which dominates the city caused by a dragon. Playing outside it combines elements from many other books Discworld series. The player assumes the role of an incompetent magician Rincewind and is confronted with the task of nothing less than to find and defuse in Ankh-Morpork dragon said. The game is full after their pattern typically Pratchettovsky humor and additionally recorded by completely. The main role of Rincewind a clip on Eric Idle of Monty Python and its place you have found himself Terry Pratchett.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Discworld free MS-DOS game Discworld free MS-DOS game Discworld free MS-DOS game Discworld free MS-DOS game
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