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Donkey Kong

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Game Info

Title: Donkey Kong
Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Atarisoft
Year: 1983

About the Game

Donkey Kong is a popular free-cutting Nintendo from 1981, which was as a supporting character first introduced i immortal Nintendo's mascot, Mario. Before putting the machines with Donkey Kong on the US market with the head of US sales Nintendo game did not like too much different from the shooter and universally popular games of the environment labyrinths. Another name mattered. Japanese Nintendo boss but did not back down from a few disgruntled American chiefs in a few months became millionaires. After the success of cutting version of the game was released on a number of gaming platforms, Nintendo and ported to PC. The PC port is taken care of by Atari, but unlike the console versions of the PC version dropped due to weaker graphics and sounds that (un) managed PC speaker - music was missing.

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