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Game Info

Title: Doom 2: Hell on Earth
Genre: Action
Publisher: ID Software
Year: 1994

About the Game

Continuation of the legendary Doom 3D action from id Soft, which was released a year earlier, and laid the foundations of the genre. Since then, similar events from the first point, he says, "Doom". Dvojka has won many international awards and was released on several platforms.

Again, you assume the role of "Doomguye" and after fights with hellish monsters on Phobos and Deimos are returning back to Earth. Here you but is waiting for an unpleasant surprise - hell i have found their way here. You can expect 30 enemies buffed levels (and 2 secret), and at the end will undergo combat with the greatest boss in this series, which is called the Icon of Sin. Doom II from his older brother differs only minimally - the graphics are almost the same gameplay as well, only gained 8 new monsters and maps are larger. Furthermore, the game appeared one new weapon - a double-barreled gun and a powerup - Megasphere, which adds 200% health and shields.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Doom 2 Doom 2: Hell on Earth Doom 2: Hell on Earth Doom 2: Hell on Earth
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