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Game Info

Title: Doom
Genre: Action
Publisher: ID Software
Year: 1993

About the Game

Doom is after Wolfenstein 3D founder and determining the direction of the game in the genre of 3D FPS. You become a nameless hero, who is sent to Mars to dispose of one of the commanders and then explore experiments with teleportation, but as it happens, something went wrong and the gates are opened into hell itself, demons take over the entire base and you as a hero sent on a rescue mission As the only survivor, you must fight through hordes of demons.

Doom in his time caused a stir because of its brutality, bloodiness, occult symbols and the huge number of enemies that you disposed of. There are weapons like the chainsaw, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher to weapons of mass destruction actually. Before you lies a respectable number of levels of diverse environments, several kinds of enemies in a huge amount of zombie soldiers after the barons of hell and all that in several episodes and difficulty.

To play came out in 1995 re-edition of The Ultimate DOOM, who was also her EPs and contained one new episode. Its continuation was full but in 1994 issued Doom II. This whole series, not only the first part, is famous for large lots available modes and ports, allowing you to play a game with many new options that were then current players could only dream of.

In 2004 came the third part followed a year later expansion pack Resurrection of Evil.

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