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Game Info

Title: Dune 2
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Westwood Studios
Year: 1995

About the Game

Dune II, the cult real-time strategy game created by a famous studio Westwood, participated in the foundation and the key elements of the RTS genre. The game is inspired by the book bestseller writer Frank Herbert and takes place on the planet Arrakis (for its sandy and arid surface also known as Dune), which are the only planet known universe is a substance called Melange or spices. This substance gives his regular recipients (except for the characteristic blue tint whites of the eyes), longer lives, strengthens the mind and threaten strong dependence. And on this valuable commodity here fighting three rival clans Ordosové Atreides and Harkonnen.

Atreides in the game, and blue are noble native of Earth-like planets, Caladan. Ordosové are green, for money and power hungry nation from the ice planet Sigma Draconis. Harkonnens are red, are cruel nation on the planet Geidi Prime and mortal enemies Atreides.

The three nations also involve three parties to choose, for each of them is then possible to play the campaign with nine missions. Individual nations differ both visually and technical and military equipment (Devastator, Sonic Tank). The main focus of the game is to build a base (construction of buildings is only possible on exposed bedrock), defense, trained troops, military equipment manufacture and subsequent elimination of the enemy. In the game, the only raw material is mined, Melange, which turns on the credit required for all operation and construction.

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Dune 2 free MS-DOS game
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