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Dune IV

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Game Info

Title: Dune IV
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Vladislav DemjaniĊĦin
Year: 2004

About the Game

Dune IV is a freeware title originating in Ukraine and is a remake of the legendary real-time strategy Dune II: Battle for Arrakis. This is the second author's remake. The first remake called Dune III was completely in Russian, which was closed for most players. Dune IV is already in English, with the addition of a few other gaming innovations. The author also left here on content of the original game, focusing primarily on technical shortcomings, which were in the original Dune 2 and several games added a few other new ideas.

The graphic surprise us especially new window locations and a new resolution in the game, which was increased from 320x200 to 640x400 original. This boosts mouse control. Newly also uses the right button to control your units, labeling also already underway classic - framing. Can identify and control up to 14 units simultaneously. Chance has also been improved AI enemies, who will now attack from either side of the base. In the game you can find a lot of other news that sweeten playing. Ready is a lot of new missions and hellish difficulty. Was added to the game and a Multiplayer Map Editor.

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