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Dungeon Keeper

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Game Info

Title: Dungeon Keeper
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Bullfrog Productions
Year: 1997

About the Game

The last title on which the famous designer Peter Molyneux contributed before his departure from Bullfrog. And like all games, coming from the head of this visionary, places emphasis on playability, originality and maximum flexibility. Instead of the classic hero dungeons look from the other perspective - you'll have to become the disgusting and the worst villains - the master of the cave, which will build adventurers obstacle in the way, send them monsters and try to prevent them from conquering the dungeon.

Dungeon Keeper play more or less as a classic strategy. You build a dungeon, where you build a dungeon, treasury, torture chambers, and everything you can imagine. You mine gold and more "attractive" dungeon, and the more gold on the salary you have, the more monsters will join you. And there is plenty to choose from. From classic sušinek on which the heroes limber up after such specialties as vampires and dragons. Your quislings in battle gain experience, they become more powerful, and even there is a chance to do any monsters "reincarnate" a fight with her.

Generally, interface and processing is advanced for its time. Very quickly, easily and most units can be moved to the place of combat, without having to hunt somewhere. Map can be rotated for a better overview (fixed 90 °). Cursor stylish demonic machine may manually move your units where exactly you want to have, or if you want to, so for moral upheaval beat properly.

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