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Dyna Blaster

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Game Info

Title: Dyna Blaster
Genre: Action
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Year: 1991

About the Game

This platformer puts you into the story short video where black villain kidnaps the daughter of a dragon on his creator. Ten to save her, sends the hero to White Castle, to bring his daughter back.

You must go through eight levels of eight levels. The first level starts on the walls in front of a castle moat, when you get through it, you will enjoy thorny path across the moat and then you can finally into the castle. In each maze in which you find yourself, you have a clear mission - to kill all monsters. When is the last discharge the help of bombs, you ask what nejšikovněji to give you a monster flew into a trap bomb exploded along with, so you opens the gate to the next round. Monsters you meet a lot of really great and each has different abilities, one can fly really fast and others can walk through walls. Fortunately, in each round is hiding some improved features for you. If you manage to come to the Black villain, you will enjoy a very demanding job. We have to kill a lot of his followers and it is not easy, and only then you can start to detonate roadside bombs in the actual villain Black, which protects bulletproof shield that must be destroyed.

Controlling the game is very simple. All you need arrows on the keyboard and the spacebar. The closer you are to your destination, the more monsters that have more insidious characteristics and the greater the maze in which to move. No monster will not touch you and you may not get in the way of your bomb explosion, otherwise you will lose a life, and those need to save.

The game can be played in multiplayer, which is very similar to the game Atomic Bomberman. You can play up to four, starting with using bombs reveals what is hidden behind breakable blocks. Under many of them are bonuses such as longer flame, walk faster or more bombs. All this will help you to kill your opponent.

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Dyna Blaster free MS-DOS game Dyna Blaster free MS-DOS game Dyna Blaster free MS-DOS game Dyna Blaster free MS-DOS game
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