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Elder Scrolls: Arena

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Game Info

Title: The Elder Scrolls: Arena
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Year: 1994

About the Game

Emperor Uriel Septim VII was arrested treacherous imperi√°lnym "battlem√°gom" Jagarom Tharnom. The only way to relieve the Emperor is found all eight pieces of Chaos Mace (Staff of Chaos). Only then can the hero cartel Jagar Tharn. This goal will be player (and the main character) result Ria Silman, which was apprentice Tharn - until the moment when the Tharn usurped throne. Whereas Silman disagreed with the acts of his Majstra, Thran her killed. She, however, retains its spiritual essence, to let players exported with imperial prison, and naviedla him - to tempt him in snoch - for all eight piece buds.

Arena, the first Elder Scrolls game, which was to be initially totally another game. Finally, however, we got a classic dungeon with an extensive world of Tamriel, inspired by not only playing Ultima Underworld. Unlike previous hier Arena contained a complete continent - a player can visit all provinces of Tamriel. Even though you're not own after traveling from city to city, as in the later games. But the world makes certain form a closed map. Arena did not contain even more complex system, he came up with Daggerfallom, a system was A kind of derivative of the AD & D games. However, later laid the foundation for a very popular series.

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Elder Scrolls: Arena free MS-DOS game Elder Scrolls: Arena free MS-DOS game Elder Scrolls: Arena free MS-DOS game Elder Scrolls: Arena free MS-DOS game
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