Erie | PC game | Adventure

Game Info

Title: Erie
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: -
Year: -
Platform: PC

About the Game

Watching the game from the first person perspective, but do not be fooled, Erie is not a matter of the action. The title story takes place in the sixties inside a nuclear power plant on Lake Erie.

Once you enter the complex, comes the first serious complications in power find that the accident occurred and everywhere roam mutated beast. Basically, you are absolutely defenseless available you just spray, which you can tag places so you do not lose. Your only chance to overcome mutants is to hide in predetermined locations and secretly in stealth mode to sneak past them.

During the game you will be accompanied by the type of quest: find the key to bringing the generator, doors, activate switches and so on. Also, you can put the work and find all the notes discussing internal events plants or collect the bodies of dead cats. The primary task here is clear, the hero Oliver Victor must at all costs to escape from prying creatures and also destroy and obliterate all evidence.

Erie as well as competition plays in a big sounds, so expect a baby crying, meowing cats, squeaking and other "soothing" sounds.

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