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Eye of the Beholder 3

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Game Info

Title: Eye of the Beholder 3
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Strategic Simulations
Year: 1992

About the Game

The last part classic trilogy Eye of Beholder Assault on Myth Drannor created already without studying Westwood. The game got a new engine, revamped graphics as well as some very interesting NPC. However, at its core it was still the old dungeon, in which the system was inspired by the Dungeon Masterom. Unlike previous parts EoB3 provides a broader range of medium over the exterior, as well as various kinds dungeonov.

After defeating Drana our heroes Telling the rest of the acts in their local tavern. As a defeated Drana Dragoorea as a way to save the city before the same threat. But then enters into the room by an unknown man and inquire, or prefer not to save Myth Drannor, where reigns Lich username Acwellan. Save this ancient city they can only so that you get an artifact from this odd. After what heroes are consistent, man conjures up something and teleport them somewhere before the city of Myth Drannor.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Eye of the Beholder 3 free MS-DOS game Eye of the Beholder 3 free MS-DOS game Eye of the Beholder 3 free MS-DOS game Eye of the Beholder 3 free MS-DOS game
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