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F-15 Strike Eagle III - free simulation pc game download

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Game Info

Title: F-15 Strike Eagle III
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: MPS Labs
Year: 1992

About the Game

F-15 Strike Eagle III is the final part of the trilogy simulators jet fighters F-15 Strike Eagle from MicroProse. The third member of the family of air came out in 1993, only for the PC-DOS, and then after the brand introduced vanished.

The game offers military mission in Iraq, Panama and Korea. Skeleton mission is still the same, it is necessary to destroy the primary and, if possible secondary targets, neatakovat civilian objects and befriended while avoiding enemy fire.

F-15 Strike Eagle III in his time offered a hilarious image processing. It is interesting that some of the key objects were entered in the map by facts were, for example the presidential palace of Saddam Hussein.

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