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Game Info

Title: F29 Retaliator
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Ocean
Year: 1989

About the Game

Flight Simulator aircraft Lockheed F 22 and experimental Grumman F29. As pilots carry out various missions (described are, however, only in the manual) over a somewhat simplified landscape. The game offers four scenarios - training in the American desert, the conflict in the Pacific, the Middle East conflict scenario simulating a third world war. At that time certainly is an unusual step last mission, which may have three different scenarios and the consequent end of the three games.

The game gives the feel airspeed and includes several realistic elements, such as damage to the chassis of the excavated during the flight or the effects of congestion on the pilot. Aircraft handling is easy and pleasant, but landing is very difficult, but not impossible. As a true simulator offers a view of the game quite well sophisticated cockpit, but can also select the look of the plane.

Before each mission you can choose from several types of weapons missiles to destroy airborne and ground targets.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

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