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Game Info

Title: Fable
Genre: Action
Publisher: Simbiosis Interactive
Year: 1996

About the Game

Fable is a classic cartoon adventure game from 1996. The hero is a young man Quickthorpe, whose mission is to find four special stones with their help save the world. Each piece is held by powerful demons that boy in a fantasy world must find and defeat them. During the journey reveals the mystery extinct race Mecubarz that happens through for his people and the world in which he lives.

The game takes a detailed, hand-drawn graphics, fine, smooth animation and full voiceover. Simple, almost minimalist control mice show and all interactive objects on the screen. Most of the puzzles are based on work with inventory.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Fable ScreenShot 1 free MS-DOS game Fable ScreenShot 2 free MS-DOS game Fable ScreenShot 3 free MS-DOS game Fable ScreenShot 4 free MS-DOS game
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