F.E.A.R. Online review and free download PC

Game Info

Title: F.E.A.R. Online
Genre: Action
Publisher: Aeria Games
Year: -
OS: Win

About the Game

The game returns back to the story Fairpotu and follows the story of previous episodes FEAR. The city was destroyed by the blast and Alma won freedom. Since then the remains of the city there are monsters and strange phenomena, apparently related to the previously tolerated research Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC). And to make matters worse, in all this chaos around the city crossing ATC units that are trying to dispose of the remains of any information and evidence on research and experiments Armachamu. At this point, enter 'the game' you, what would a member of the new tactical units with psionic abilities, whose goal is to establish security and gain control over the city, dealing with ATC soldiers and obtaining evidence and details of research Armachamu.

The game offers a Player-vs-Environment and Player-vs-Player modes. The PvE includes cooperative story mode up to 4 players, with the buddies go through narrative script or fleeing deadly danger, and in these emerging story missions you gain the necessary plans and material for acquiring new unique weapons and editing capabilities of existing ones in the game. PvP features a classic Team Deathmatch; Knife Fights mode with "Knife"; Team Demolition with laying, protection or deactivating the bomb; Armored Front with seizure control points as well as with the bellows; and Soul King taking over control of the enemy and gaining souls. In PvP teams compete ATC soldiers and members of the new tactical units.

For playing this free-to-play PC game you first need to register a game account, download the game and install it on your computer. Before you download the game, check the hardware and software requirements, and the free space on the hard drive of your computer. For a good gaming experience is needed stable and fast internet connection.

System Requirements PC

OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7
CPU: Dual Core 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2GB
GPU: GeForce 8600GT 1GB
Sound: DirectX Sound Support

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