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Game Info

Title: Flashback
Genre: Action
Publisher: Delphine Soft./US Gold
Year: 1992

About the Game

The plot of the game revolves around Conrad B. Hart, an agent galactic investigative services, which reveals plans to dominate the aliens already shattered world with the help of people from government. For fear of disclosure loaded themselves and their records on the so-called. Holocube and backs up your memory, unfortunately, is compromised, abducted by aliens and he erased the memory. He manages to escape and after a crash during a flight is left alone on the moon Titan, finds his holocube where his tells me what to do, Conrad embarks on a quest to finding identity and satisfaction.

The original game, which became the best-selling French game in history, has a strong story, originality and a touch of cyberpunk world bleak future since 2142. With his hero will jump, climb, control electronics, fight enemies, space travel. The game features smooth character animation, where each movement smooth thanks to roto scopic technique animation. The game is inspired by films such as Blade Runner and Total Recall.

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