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Title: FlatOut
Genre: Racing
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment
Year: 2005
Platforms: PC

About the Game

FlatOut is an arcade racing simulator, the alpha and omega of the destruction. Plants in which the car can greatly degrade, are complemented nejednĂ­m type of tournament-style demolition derby. The game is specific animation in which the driver leaves the vehicle windshield after it controlled vehicle comes into contact with a solid, unyielding obstacle.

Vehicles, occurring in a game in sixteen species, each in five skins, prominent advertising signs, a player buys a gradually improving in the career mode. The field individual competition events always includes eight participants. The model also includes damage to the environment - raze it is possible eg. A shed or fence -; What do car physics system is sophisticated enough that the damage can guess what and from what direction the car came into contact. The race is typically on asphalt or gravel in the winter environment in the snow, on the circuit or in a rural environment, dominated by forest. Vehicles that fall mainly into the category of muscle cars, you can change the engine, transmission, exhaust, suspension, brakes, tires and so on. Missing from the game an automatic or manual shifting, nitro, jumps on the horizon and the marked paths less deviating alternative routes, leading eg. the loading dock or shed. Besides careers are other game modes binding Race (Quick Race) and timed tests (Time Trial), which is calculated as the lap time and total time.

Demolition of the competition are included in the bonus game class, which, together with the standard races associating bronze class, which is followed by silver and then gold class drivers available at the outset career. The simplest of twelve destructive schemes - Demolition Dash - representing a circular arena in which, after a series of necessary shock winner is the one whose car traveling last the longest. Before competing on the same task becomes a form of Circle of Eight, which at first glance looks like a race, but racing is a plan "8"; company starts to get interesting when the last contestant on the first begins to lose half a lap. Other concepts are non-race origins in athletics - are based on the ejection driver: javelin recalls the long jump (LongJump) when the car starts to move against the low resistant barrier behind which is sand with distance markers; analogous jump (High Jump) differs only in that the front obstacle is a skateboard ramp and networks instead of sand; combining the long jump and then jump heights are the target - vertical (Darts) or horizontal (Bullseye).

The game supports multiplayer over a local network; the Internet Edition for PC at least in the original version (no patches) can not play. Special attention developers dedicated analog control (gamepad, steering wheel) - potential sensitivity of its game allows you to use. Model of physics man, the game uses, the system Ragdoll. The atmosphere of the game is enhanced licensed rock soundtrack, in which more than one track represented the band Adrenaline, Amplifire, Central Supply Chain, Deponeye, Full Diesel, No Connection and The Killer Barbies.

System Requirements PC

1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or AMD Equivalent
256 MB RAM
64 MB Graphics Card,DirectX Compatible Sound Card
1.1 GB of free Hard Drive Space
Win 98/ME/2000/XP, DirectX9.0c

Wallpapers / Screenshots

FlatOut Wallpaper 1 FlatOut Wallpaper 2 FlatOut Wallpaper 3 FlatOut Wallpaper 4 FlatOut Wallpaper 5 FlatOut Wallpaper 6

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