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Title: Forge of Empires
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: -
OS: -

About the Game

Even as a symbol of strategy games. Exactly could characterize this particular game title, which receives daily players from around the world. If you succumb to it, you, you will enjoy a very long way, starting already in the Stone Age. Your task is to continue to build and expand their original settlement, which at the very beginning consists of only a few huts. The right strategies, however, can get much further, even in modern times, which offers much more sophisticated variants of both the buildings and the quality procedures in obtaining the necessary raw materials. Your task is not only to build their empire.

Your task will be his constant expansion and on highly detailed maps. Now at them as players encounter with other lovers of the game Forge of Empires. You can create a coalition, but just so you can go against his neighbor and literally destroy him. It all takes place on the battlefield within the ongoing moves by each player. This game definitely adds to the overall attractiveness as winning the battle itself be influenced even by opponents who stand and whether it will have the skills and attributes it really ruin. And only the gradual destruction of their enemies can become total ruler and dominate the entire empire - the entire territory under a specific maps.

The game takes but, it is also sophisticated graphics, as the entire game environment, so even the very effects that relate to the game. Everything is complemented by a global community that offers a great opportunity to be in contact with all other players - even with your opponents. It offers all game, which entered the world market in 2012 and since then has steadily gaining in popularity and sought after. Signed behind her studio quality InnoGames, announced several other gaming titles, such as the equally popular game called Wild tribes.

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