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Game Info

Title: Formula One: Grand Prix
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Microprose
Year: 1991

About the Game

Game Formula One Grand Prix (in the USA officially as World Circuit, retroactively known as Grand Prix 1) laid the foundation for the most successful Formula 1 racing series on personal computers. The mastermind of the series became a programmer and designer Geoff Crammond, whose name we all saw parts directly under the name on the box.

Developers with Formula One Grand Prix brought into the world of racing simulators unprecedented innovation in the form of complex physics engine, sophisticated graphics and overall approach to the creation of the "adult" sports video games. Computer rendering of motor racing has never been so close to reality. The foundations laid by the first part, drew all his three successors (Grand Prix 2 Grand Prix and Grand Prix 3 4).

Was crucial for future series intention of the drafters of the best races on the transfer properties of the screen (of course, with regard to the former hardware options). This makes it possible modifications to the machine for each event, such as setting the brakes, thrust wings or dial-type tire. Any interference with the setup of the car on the track more or less effect. Is also interesting that the individual circuits (there were 16 of season 1991) Crammond formed by the actual originals, so the players for the first time virtually passed on circuits that even remotely resembled those "from television".

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Formula One: Grand Prix free MS-DOS game Formula One: Grand Prix free MS-DOS game Formula One: Grand Prix free MS-DOS game Formula One: Grand Prix free MS-DOS game
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