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Game Info

Title: Gobliiins
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Coctel Vision
Year: 1992

About the Game

King plagued by an evil sorcerer and his dark magic. Nobody dares him to build up until a group of three brave goblins. They decide to go to his seat firmly committed to break his magical powers.

Gobliiins is a puzzle game with elements of point & click adventure game and the founder of a three-part, even if only loosely related series. The player takes control of it in a bunch of three goblins, each of which has specific abilities. The first is an experienced basher, second and third dexterous thief master the basics of magic. Gradually, through various levels, each about the size of a single screen, and facing ever more complex problems. An interesting innovation in the genre was the presence of health-Meter, which sank in case of injury heroes and could lead to premature end of the game.

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