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Game Info

Title: Gobliins 2
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Coctel Vision
Year: 1996

About the Game

A year after the release Gobliiins in new adventures prince tries to rescue the kidnapped from the power of evil magician ammonia. This time, you have only two elves - a polite, intelligent and shy Fingusu and stupid but funny and brave Winkle. Both elves in this adventure full of puzzles - What to screen several puzzles - using various objects in different ways, and both can enter another job at the same time, so in solving the puzzles are complementary and have them in every place. Compared to the number one game is more extensive, the background music sounds, and it is possible to return from screen to screen.

If you leave Fingusu unnoticed, begins to whistle a short tune, different on each screen.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

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