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Game Info

Title: Golden Axe
Genre: Action
Publisher: Sega
Year: 1990

About the Game

Legendary DOS Harvester in which you control one of three warriors to achieve in the country Yuria peace. Conqueror of Death Adder kidnapped king with his daughter and holding them in their castle. The holding has a golden ax, a symbol of the country and its aim is to declare himself the new ruler.

Popular multiplatform action platform game, where as a dwarf warrior or amazon trying to save his country and revenge. The weapon you only have one, but in addition, you will get a powerful magic that complement during the journey, you will be able to saddle dragons and lizards walk through villages, castles, mountains and other locations, and you fight warriors, dragons, knights, and many skeletons other.

Wallpapers / Screenshots

Golden Axe free MS-DOS game Golden Axe free MS-DOS game Golden Axe free MS-DOS game Golden Axe free MS-DOS game
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