Goodgame Empire review and play for free

Game Info

Title: Goodgame Empire
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: -
Year: -
OS: -

About the Game

To be the ruler of his own kingdom. It may be a dream, but you can be fairly easy way to meet. Exactly it offers unique game Goodgame Empire, which is, as the name suggests, designed by the famous studio Goodgame Studios. The principle of the game itself is very simple, and to build up a kingdom that will be the biggest by far. It is therefore primarily for building strategy that allows play in the browser. It is built on the concept of free-to-play, which therefore allows both free play and the possibility of a lighter improvement through micro transactions - that is due to the transfer of own monies.

The first step in the game is a little castle, situated in a vast landscape, to elaborate map that literally brings to the next settlement. The castle itself can thus gradually become larger settlement, but also an extensive kingdom. This is related to the acquisition of the surrounding areas - land that is necessary with the expansion of the empire. This can be done should be a powerful army that can serve not only to a given attack, but of course the defense. Remember fact that the whole area has a number of players who will certainly desire in the fact that even mastered your territory. And against the need to defend thorough manner.

In the game Goodgame Empire Of course, more than anywhere else, a really good strategies and good practices. When building a great empire should be considered necessary to ensure that your subjects and the military had nothing to live on and have enough food. It is also necessary to monitor and enough resources that benefit and gain. All this is also related to the overall economy. Thanks to the popularity addition, you can connect your business with other players to create a mutually exchange and get your kingdom for everything you need. These are all tasks that await future king of a vast empire. And since there are more than enough graphics quality control and relatively simple, it is clear why this particular title gets so many fans from around the world.

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