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Game Info

Title: Grand Theft Auto
Genre: Action
Publisher: DMA Design
Year: 1997

About the Game

The first part of the globally popular game series known to everybody. From the beginning of the game you choose one of the 7 possible characters and go into the bustling Liberty City. Then you are open to the other two cities: San Andreas and Vice City.

In the game you have to perform tasks that you enter different people and mostly over the phone. In addition to performing main missions can also play side missions such. Kill Frenzy or just ride around the city and provoke the police. In the game finds cars and motorbikes, which then disappeared in some parts. Unlike other parts of the game are only 4 weapons (not counting the fist). Although there are few who are frequently huge fun.

GTA 1 is a cult game in its time attracted a lot of attention, because until now no similar appeared. Later, he was the first and the second part is released for free download via RockStar Classics.

To play produced two EPs Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 Grand Theft Auto: London 1961st

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Grand Theft Auto free MS-DOS game Grand Theft Auto free MS-DOS game Grand Theft Auto free MS-DOS game Grand Theft Auto free MS-DOS game
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